Online Databases

NIST Scientific and Technical Databases

NIST Physics Laboratory

NIST Physical Reference Data

NIST Atomic Spectra Database

LBL Center for X-Ray Optics (X-ray interactions with matters, X-ray data booklet,...)

LLNL OPAL opacity code

NIST X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Database (including Auger spectrum)

NIST Solubility Database

NIST ITS-90 Thermocouple Database

NIST Heat Transmission Properties of Insulating and Building Materials Database 

X-ray filter transmission curve

Plasma on the Internet

Simulation program for particle interaction with matter (SRIM) (stopping powers and ranges for ions)

ESTAR: Stopping Powers and Ranges for Electrons

PSTAR and ASTAR: Stopping Powers and Ranges for Protons and alpha particles

BNL National Nuclear Data Center

Chemistry Periodic Table

Data analysis software for small-angle scattering of X-ray and neutron

Software for analysis of contrast variation data of neutron small-angle scattering

Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine 中文使用說明

Spectral Database for Organic Compound

LANL Atomic Physics Codes

Mossbauer Effect Data Center

Reaxys 化學反應資料庫

Cambridge Structural Database

Protein Data Bank

Nucleic Acids Data Bank

Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

Metal and Alloy Database